Biser Mironov 

An artist who was born in Bulgaria in 1969, but already exactly 20 years old lives and creates in Siberia, Russia in the largest ecological community of the world "Tiberkul".

For 10 years he studied Painting in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria and Russia and then for 20 years disappeared from all academic techniques. This happend, because the style of the artist wich is far different from the academic and most likely it was possible to designate it as a Fairy-Positive Symbolism. 

"Emerald Erin" - A single digital print

Although, the artist has a clear and absolutely inimitable style letter, he is an adherent of the theory to write in different styles, feeling the texture, the plot and the spirit of the picture - you can not write the sky in a cubist manner or the same way. 

For 12 years of continuous creativity, the artist wrote a little more than 2000 paintings, approximately in 19 different styles.

"A young wine" - A set of 3 digital prints

14 exhibitions Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Russia! all the paintings are almost immediately sold out and a third of them are in private collections around the world. All countries in which exhibited, as well as France, Britain, Australia, the USA and Japan.


"Creation" - A single digital print

All other paintings are in private collections in Russia.

All digital prints published in the section FINE ART.

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