Simple, Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Space Look Amazing

Thank you Stephanie Dixon - Society6 Editor

When you move in to a new space it can be tempting to want to redecorate the entire thing immediately.

The problem with this is that it costs lots of money and tbh you  have like $5. Thankfully this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to living in a  sad-space forever—with a little patience, ingenuity and commitment to  the cause you can have the space of your dreams without breaking the  bank. Here, interior designer Courtney Molyneaux walks us through five tips on how to deck out your space on a dime:

1. Accessorize Wisely

I find the easiest way to fill a space on a budget is by  accessorizing—finding pieces of artwork you love and creating a gallery  wall, using variations of throw pillows or blankets can help tie a space  together. These can add up quickly price-wise, so the key is to wait  for sales and be really intentional about what you end up choosing. Pick  pieces that feel timeless and that you know you’ll love for years to  come. Think of it as an aesthetic investment! 


Pillows and Covers

2. One Man’s Trash

Visit the thrift store, and visit often. New things are added almost  every day and secondhand items are always the cheapest. Vintage and  thrift stores can be overwhelming, but the more you go and the more you  know what you like, the easier and easier finding gems will be! My main  tip is to try to go in without many expectations—finding exactly what  you need isn’t a sure thing, but finding something random and incredible  almost always is. 


Abstract Poster

3. Read the Room

Books are one of my favorite items to help tie a space together, but  they can also be not-so-friendly on the budget, so I would highly  recommend scouring thrift stores and secondhand book shops for those as  well. When in doubt—grab some pretty magazines! They’re usually cheaper  and have beautiful covers that can serve as mini art pieces. 


Bed Cover

4. It’s Alive!

Plants are the gift that keeps on giving—check your local hardware  store (i.e. Home Depot) for some hardy varieties and pot them yourself!  Terra cotta pots are often cheap and finding cool ceramics at (yet  again) thrift stories is always fun. Even if you’re like preeeetty  terrible at keeping plants alive, there’s always a variety that can  withstand even the blackest of thumbs—ask around or use your friend  Google to find something that’ll work for you! 

5. Wait it out

Like anything, building a space can take some time and it’s best to  take be patient while you find what works for you and within your  budget. Eventually, your collection of items just grows organically and  before you know it you’ll have a space full of pieces you love that  didn’t cost you an arm and a leg! Don’t get caught up in the excitement  of moving in or the jealousy of staring at Instagram for too long—give  yourself time and be thoughtful about your choices and you WILL have a  home you’re proud of. 



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